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About me


My name is Rikke, and I'm the founder of Refined Knitwear.


The joy of knitting has been with me since my mother and grandmother taught me to knit when I was a little girl. I always have knitting within reach, and with it at hand, I always feel inspired and never bored.


Knitting also became a sanctuary where I could forget myself and the world around me. I remember the feeling of sitting on the floor in my room and forgetting all about time and place because I got lost in a knitting project. I started knitting sweaters for myself early on, and for several years, I received mohair yarn as a Christmas gift from my grandmother.


Later, I trained to become a crafts teacher, and to this day, creating with my hands still brings me immense joy, and there's great satisfaction in turning my ideas into concrete designs and products. It still brings me great peace to lose myself in knitting.


I created my first knitting pattern in connection with my crafts exam from the teacher training college in 2004, where I was encouraged to continue down that path and publish patterns. However, it wasn't until 2019 that I published my first pattern on this website.


When designing a new sweater, slipover, or cardigan, I'm always inspired by the simplicity and delicate details of the Scandinavian design tradition, and it's reflected in various ways in fit, comfort, color choice, and shape.


It's my intention to create designs that are timeless and can be used for many years. I'm certainly influenced by the current concrete fashion and culture, but my ambition is to use classic cuts, materials, and shapes that are durable and flattering over time. This results in models that are generally feminine and knitted in lightweight materials.

Refined Knitwear offers knitting patterns with a simple expression and a feminine and Nordic touch. The patterns are conveyed in an easily accessible and understandable language. The processes are carefully described, and there are summaries along the way, so you can always be sure and check if you're on the right track – it's comforting, whether you're a beginner or an experienced knitter.


Happy knitting!


Warmly, Rikke

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