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Eius Sweater

Eius Sweater



Eius Sweater is a feminine short sweater with puff sleeves of 3⁄4 length. The sweater is assembly-free, although it has puff sleeves, as these are formed using various outlets and inlets. The sweater is knit from top to bottom, so you can adjust the length of both sleeves and body. The sweater is slightly elevated in the neck with swivels. The sweater is designed with a space of 5-10 cm. If you have a chest width of 84 cm, you should for example. choose a size XS.



XS (S) M (L) XL


Finished goals:

Chest: 87 (91) 97 (103) 107 cm. Sleeve length measured from under armhole: 26 (28) 29 (33) 33 cm. Body length measured from neckline mid back (MB): 46 (48) 50.5 (52) 52.5 cm.



100 (150) 200 (200) 200 g Tvinni from Isager 255m / 50 g or 150 (150) 200 (200) 200 g Arwetta from Filcolana 210 m / 50 g knit together with 100 (100) 100 (125) 125 g Silk Mohair from Isager Yarn 212/25 g or Tilia from Filcolana 210m / 25g. The model in the picture is knitted in Tvinni 58 from Isager and Tilia 101 pure white from Filcolana.

You can easily choose a different yarn than the specified one, if you adhere to the knitting strength. You will need 15 mask markers.


Indicative stick size:

The sweater is knitted in stocking st on 80 cm circular needle 4 mm. Knit ribs on 60 and 80 cm circular needles 3 mm. I recommend replaceable round pins.



The sweater is knitted in stocking sts 20 sts 28 times = 10 x 10 cm on 4 sts.

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