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Uva Balaclava PDF english version

Uva Balaclava PDF english version



Uva Balaclava is a fashionable chunky balaclava and neck warmer in one piece. It is knit bottom-up in two pieces to start with - a front piece and a back piece – you will end up knitting together. After you have knit the two pieces together you will shape the neck by doing german short rows. Then you will put 7 center front-stitches on a cable to rest and you will knit the hoodie back and forth until it has the desired length and then you will have to shape the crown. When the crown is finished, you pick up stitches all along the hoodie’s opening and you will knit a ribbed hem on a smaller needle. Cast of with the italian bind of method.



One size


Færdige mål:

Fits a head circumference of approx. 54 - 60 cm.



200 g of Chunky Knit Mohair 200 m/100 g from Uldstedet or 200 g of Fat Mohair 200 m/100 g from @detlillefarveri or 100 g of Puno 110 m/50 g knit together with 25 g of Kid Seta (thin Silk Mohair) 210 m/25 g – Both qualities from Gepard Garn.


The pictured model is knit in two threads of hand-dyed Chunky Knit Mohair from @uldstedet. When following the measurements given in the pattern, you will need only two skeins/ 400 meters.


You can choose any other yarn as long as you obtain the right gauge.


Recommended needles:

The Balaclava is knit in ribbing (k1, p1) on circular needle size 5 mm, 60 cm circular needle using two threads of Chunky Knit Mohair. I recommend using two circular needles in the same size knitting this balaclava. The finishing ribbed hem is knit on a circular needle size 4 mm, 40 cm.


When using Puno and Kid Seta held together use a circular needle size 7 mm, 60 cm and a needle size 6 mm for the finishing ribbed hem.



Gauge in ribbing (k1, p1) on needle size 5 mm: approx. 15 sts x 20 rows = 10 x 10 cm.



Gauge in ribbing (k1, p1) on needle size 7 mm: approx. 15 sts x 20 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

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